Partnership Action Team--PAT

Morley Nelson Elementary

Research done in the last three decades has shown that School - Family - and Community Engagement significantly contributes to student learning and school success in many ways.

What is School - Family - and Community Engagement?

It is when the school, its families, and the community form a partnership so they share a common interest in, and responsibility for all children. They work together to create better programs and opportunities for students.

All Title I Schools in the Boise School District are required to have a Partnership Action coordinator and committee. The team works with the school’s Leadership Team to plan family and community engagement activities.

What is PAT?
PAT stands for Partnership Action Team.
  • It is made up of teachers, parents, and a school PAT coordinator
  • It is funded through Title I
  • Its purpose is to encourage and teach families how to be involved in their child’s education.
  • PAT has events for families to attend like Family Reading Night or a Math Workshop
  • PAT sends resources home, like books and educational games so families can learn together!
National Standards for Family Involvement

1. Communication: Communication between home and school is regular, two-way,and meaningful.

2. Parenting: Parenting skills are promoted and supported.

3. Student Learning: Parents play an important role in assisting student learning.

4. Volunteering: Parents are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance are sought.

5. School Decision Making: Parents are full partners in the decisions that affect children and families.

6. Community Collaboration: Community resources are used to strengthen schools, families, and student learning.